Some of the products we use every day have different uses, while others have unique and unusual details. Many people wonder about the purpose of these details – for example, do you know what a small pocket in women’s underwear is? Here are 6 products we use every day and their specific parts.

Pants pocket
Women’s trouser pockets have been added for added convenience. This layer is made of soft cotton and has no seams to keep you comfortable.
Backpack diamond loop
These loops are used as camping gear and make it easy to attach a backpack.
Statues with hats
This part of the hat first appeared on French sailors in the 19th century. At that time, the cabins of ships had low ceilings and air bubbles were added to ensure safety. Later, the ball was added as a unique detail to the knitted hat. Today, bubbles are used only as an aesthetic element.
Stripes on the pants
Pants patches first appeared in Europe in the late 19th century. After production, the pants were folded and sent on a long journey around the world. Although they travel many kilometers on the road, flowers are always on the road. After a while, people adopted them and became a part of every pair of pants.
Toothpaste line
Many people think that the line on the toothpaste indicates the quality of the product, but it is actually a barcode. Manufacturers say barcodes are used in packaging and tube cutting machines.
Drill the handle holes
The candy jars have holes to easily attach the candy. In the process of production, a hole is made with a stick, and candy sticks to it.

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