30 Nov
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Natural Foods That Will Relieve Constipation

There are a lot of inexpensive food options that can help relieve the embarrassment and discomfort of constipation. Spinach, green beans, and other high water content foods help you to pass stool. Choose foods that have a lot of fiber, and high water content. The colon operates by absorbing nutrients and water, leaving the waste behind for you to pass. If you do not eat enough foods with fiber or water content, you may soon become a little constipated.

Oatmeal is a fantastic food that you can eat at breakfast. It has a high fiber content which will add bulk to your stools, and make things move a little bit easier in your colon. A bonus is if you eat some ground flaxseed, which pairs nicely with oatmeal. Flaxseed helps relieve constipation and offers high fiber and nutrition. Make sure that you only ingest ground flaxseed, as whole seeds will pass through the body, without being absorbed. If you are not into cereal, there are many fruit options as well.

Prunes are a staple that many giggle at. Many people may be filled with dread because they have memories of old people fussing at them to eat the wrinkly fruit because they are chock full of fiber. Grandma and Grandpa were right, as one prune contains 1 gram of fiber apiece, which is a whole lot! Eating prunes bulks up your stools, give you healthy doses of fiber, and will help bring constipation to a much-needed end. If you are not into prunes you can opt to have some kiwi fruit. Kiwi is low in sugar and has just enough desirable fiber, to help end the constipation blues.

Make sure to drink enough water, or enjoy a good cup of coffee with your prunes, or other breakfast fruit item, as both encourage constipation relief. A lot of times, just being dehydrated is enough to make our bodies develop a state of constipation. The Aloe Vera plant is packed with healing aid to the body, and the juice can be ingested, to help get rid of stubborn constipation. Typically, people will tell you to avoid dairy, because that can bring on constipation. However, eating yogurt helps regulate your intestines and clean out your colon because of its friendly bacteria. There is no need to suffer with constipation when there are plenty of helpful food options to save the day.

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